Bella Swan’s personality

Bella Swan

She is kind of shy, very clumzy, very nice, not outgoing, keeps to herself alot, pretty smart, stuborn, loyal, loving (to Edward).

 She is overall just a great person to know. Bella Swan as the common characteristics we know: shy, loyal, loving, caring, responsible, stubborn, smart and reserved, there is more to see about Bella, she is quite interesting and an undefining character I may call it. As humans we just keep getting habits and new additional traits that we absorbed, that of course influence on our personality, one example is in New Moon. She said that she had become much more cautious about being efusive or now she got this new habbit, like a sudden movement when you feared, she kind of got it from Edward. But Bella is an constantly changing personality as any of us are. But something so magnificent about this character is that at 17 she’s responsible, more than any of us could say, and even if she has no confidence in herself she somehow manages herself to be true and sure about what is right for her, about what she wants and needs, that is Edward.

Who could possibly be very certain about what you want about life when you’re 17? Of course when you find true love it is impossible to not know what is right for you, when you know you had been made for that person, and that person was made especially for you, when you find your soulmate at 17 you are sure about him about EVERYTHING that has to do with him ,who could possibly be so lucky as Bella finding her true love at such a short age and having so self confidence about it? I wish I were. Being a seventeen such as Bella doesn’t sounds bad, it sounds about right.


~ by Ollan B on July 15, 2009.

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